DIH InnovaMare

DIH InnovaMare

Cross-border digital innovation Hub for innovative marine technology

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) InnovaMare is the project financed by the Interreg Italy - Croatia 2021-2027 cross-border cooperation program aimed at expanding the cross-border innovation ecosystem (the DIH) established as part of the InnovaMare strategic project. To reach this goal, the project activities will be oriented towards the involvement of new stakeholders, such as young researchers, the implementation of pilot actions as a showcase for technology transfer, the strengthening of the innovation capabilities of the actors involved with specific educational modules and the development of new financing tools for the blue economy.

Duration: from February 2024 to June 2026 (30 months)


  • 🌊  Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) (Croatia) – Lead partner
  • 🌊  Apulia Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation (CCE) (ARTI) – Italy
  • 🌊  University of Zadar (UNIZD) – Croatia
  • 🌊  Wireless and More (W&M) – Italy
  • 🌊  Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) – Croatia
  • 🌊  National Research Council of Italy (CNR) – Italy
  • 🌊  Šibenik Knin County (SKC) – Croatia
  • 🌊  Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region (UCV) – Italy

Associated Partners

  • 🐟  University of Padua (Italy)
  • 🐟  HAMAG-BICRO – Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment (Croatia)
  • 🐟  Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea – Ports of Venice and Chioggia (Italy)
  • 🐟  Veneto Innovazione SpA (Italy)

Decorative line

General objective

The general objective of DIH InnovaMare is to become a leader at a cross-border and community level in strengthening research capabilities and promoting technology transfer for the development of innovative marine technologies, which will enable digital and green transformation for a sustainable blue economy in the Adriatic Sea. The project will convert data, knowledge and resources owned in its ecosystem into services that will enable the transfer of knowledge and technology from scientific research institutions to the private sector.

Specific objectives

  •   Strengthening innovation capabilities and promoting technology transfer processes in marine technologies in the blue economy sectors
  •   Developing a pilot program for the cross-border mobility of researchers to strengthen collaboration among quadruple helix actors in marine technologies and the blue economy at a cross-border level
  •   Implementing joint pilot actions and developing new marine technologies for the needs of emerging markets, such as monitoring and preventing marine pollution as a basis for a sustainable blue economy
  •   Developing new innovative solutions to respond to the challenges of the blue economy

Main activities

  •   Development of innovation capabilities for the implementation of marine technologies, through the creation of specific educational modules; mapping and sharing of examples of good cooperation practices between the private and scientific sectors in the field of research applied to the marine technologies market; organization of focus groups aimed at enhancing collaboration between technology companies and blue economy sectors and promoting green and digital transformation
  •   Strengthening collaboration between the private and scientific sectors and the innovative network for the development of new marine technologies for a sustainable blue economy, thanks to the mapping of young researchers at a cross-border level, who will receive specific training modules; organization of study visits to universities and public research institutes; participation in science fairs
  •   Implementation of three pilot actions in the field of underwater archaeology, underwater wireless networks and biodiversity monitoring
  •   Co-creation of new concepts of innovative solutions, projects, new opportunities and funding schemes through open calls, idea competitions and co-creation workshops

For more information: https://www.italy-croatia.eu/web/italy-croatia

Decorative line